Secure Your Entrance with an Adjustable Hydraulic Hinge

Secure Your Entrance with an Adjustable Hydraulic Hinge

Posted by TAG Hardware on 23rd May 2024

Hydraulic Hinge plays a vital role when building or renovating a space as it allows easy swing and movement of glass doors while providing a strong and safe connection. The primary function of hydraulic hinges is to give the smooth closing and opening of doors, cabinets, or other hinged structures. They ensure that the doors close gently and quietly to prevent slamming shut. The hydraulic mechanism provides resistance that slows down the closing speed, leading to a soft and controlled closure. The soft-closing mechanism helps significantly reduce noise, making it ideal for use in environments where quietness is essential, such as offices, libraries, and homes.

TAG Hardware offers the perfect blend of functionality and safety via its Adjustable Hydraulic Hinges. These hinges are available in both hold-open and non-hold-open variants, designed for versatile applications, including:

Hydraulic hinges, available in both hold-open and non-hold-open variants, cater to a wide range of versatile applications. Here are the applications for each type:

Hold-Open Hydraulic Hinges: Hold-open hydraulic hinges are designed to keep doors open at a set angle until manually closed. These are particularly useful in situations where doors need to remain open for ease of access or convenience.

1. Commercial Buildings:

  • Entrances and exits of retail stores, offices, and public buildings where doors need to stay open during business hours for easy access.
  • High-traffic areas like hotel lobbies and conference centers facilitate the movement of large groups of people.

2. Healthcare Facilities:

  • Hospital rooms, operating theatres, and emergency areas where quick and unhindered access is critical.
  • Areas requiring the transportation of medical equipment or beds.

3. Restaurants and Cafes:

  • Kitchen doors for easy access between the dining area and kitchen without the need for constant opening and closing.
  • Patio or outdoor seating areas to allow a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

4. Warehouses and Factories:

  • Loading docks and storage areas where doors need to remain open for the continuous movement of goods and equipment.
  • Workshop doors that facilitate easy entry and exit for workers and machinery.

5. Public Buildings:

  • Libraries, museums, and galleries where doors can be kept open during operational hours for better accessibility.
  • Community centers and recreational facilities.

Non-Hold-Open Hydraulic Hinges:

Non-hold-open hydraulic hinges ensure that doors close automatically after being opened, enhancing security and energy efficiency.

1. Residential Buildings:

  • Interior doors, such as bathroom or bedroom doors, where automatic closing adds convenience and maintains privacy.
  • Front and back doors to ensure they are securely closed, enhancing security.

2. Office Buildings:

  • Office doors to ensure they close automatically to maintain privacy and reduce noise.
  • Conference room doors to ensure they close gently after use, preserving a quiet work environment.

3. Schools and Universities:

  • Classroom and lecture hall doors to ensure they close quietly, minimizing disruptions.
  • Library and laboratory doors for maintaining a controlled environment.

4. Retail Stores:

  • Stockroom and office doors to ensure they close automatically, maintaining security and reducing unauthorized access.
  • Restroom doors to ensure they are closed after each use, enhancing cleanliness and privacy.

5. Healthcare Facilities:

  • Patient room doors to ensure they close gently, maintaining a quiet and restful environment.
  • Laboratory and pharmacy doors to ensure controlled access and maintain security.

6. Hotels:

  • Guest room doors to ensure they are permanently closed for security and privacy.
  • Service area doors to keep them closed when not in use, maintaining a tidy appearance.

How TAG Hardware’s Adjustable Hydraulic Hinges Are Making a Difference?

Ideal for wall and post mounts, TAG Hardware’s adjustable hydraulic hinges feature speed adjustment settings that ensure optimal child safety. Experience the convenience of 180-degree glass-to-glass movement, offering seamless operation and sophisticated design for your storefronts and entrances.

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